Elevating digital innovation with Adobe Sensei: a step-by-step guide to success

In the dynamic realm of digital experiences, crafting a well-thought-out roadmap is crucial for businesses navigating the intricacies of technological integration.

At IDA, we recognise the complexity of this journey, particularly when harnessing the potential of advanced AI technologies such as Adobe Sensei. Here's an overview of how we seamlessly integrate Adobe Sensei to support businesses in developing and implementing their digital experience strategy.

1. Crafting a digital experience roadmap with Adobe Sensei:

- Needs assessment: At the start of the project, we will sit together with you to identify your digital need. At IDA we place a specific emphasis on your AI requirements, leveraging the robust capabilities of Adobe Sensei in your digital landscape.

- Roadmap creation: Don't have a pre-established digital roadmap, or could your digital roadmap need an upgrade? No worries, after assessing all your business needs, we provide an all-encompassing service that incorporates Adobe Sensei to enhance AI-driven strategies.

2. License negotiation with Adobe aligned to digital strategy:

To ensure that your required licenses align optimally with the digital strategy we aligned in the first step of the process, IDA actively engages in negotiations with Adobe. In this process we place a spotlight on the seamless integration of Adobe Sensei.

That way you can be sure you're getting the most out of the Adobe tools at the best rates!

3. Implementation support for use cases enhanced by Adobe Sensei:

With your digital roadmap in place and your licenses ready to go, IDA guides your business in implementing both the quick wins and the high-profile use cases. While doing this, we strategically help you integrate Adobe Sensei to enhance your process efficiency and boost innovation.

4. Data-driven segmentation with Adobe Sensei's power:

- Data optimization: Before tooling is implemented, we review that the right data is collected for your initial use cases. You can use Adobe Sensei's advanced capabilities to make this process go a lot faster, helping you make sense of your data.

- Automatic segmentation: As data flows in, Adobe Sensei can harness this data and can propose new segments based on patterns it detects in audiences, saving you a lot of time since you no longer need to analyse all of your data manually. You can see which data Adobe Sensei uses to propose a new segment, what the combined characteristics are, and you can choose whether or not to create it as a new segment. It can help you create segments based on patterns you may have missed otherwise.

5. Deployment in diverse customer journeys leveraging Adobe tools:

- Content optimization on the website: IDA ensures the website contains the right content to support desired customer journeys, integrating Adobe Sensei for personalised and engaging experiences. You can use tools like smart tagging and smart cropping - even on videos - to create a seamless responsive experience.

- A/B Testing via Adobe Target: Setting up the right message for your target audience requires trial and error. IDA assists you in setting up A/B tests in Adobe Target, so we can optimize your content strategies based on real-time data, elevated by Adobe Sensei's insights.

- Customer journeys in Adobe Campaign or Journey Optimizer: During deployment, we will actively guide you in setting up customer journeys in Adobe Campaign or Adobe Journey Optimizer. During the set-up, IDA incorporates Adobe Sensei for a seamless and enhanced digital experience. As mentioned above, AI tools like automated segment suggestions based on data patterns can make this process a lot more effortless.

“With IDA as your strategic guide and Adobe Sensei as the driving force, we offer a holistic approach to empower businesses in taking bold steps toward digital transformation.”

In collaboration with Adobe Sensei, IDA empowers businesses to navigate the digital landscape more efficiently. The combination of AI capabilities, a robust platform with best-of-breed tools, and a well-crafted digital experience roadmap will allow your organisation to succeed in the ever-evolving digital era. Together, we not only create strategies but we also effectively implement them, leveraging the capabilities of Adobe Sensei to achieve tangible and innovative results.

Elevate your digital strategy with IDA and Adobe Sensei and unlock the full potential of your digital experiences. Let our experts guide you and contact us.

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