“Use data-driven decisions to grow your business."


Analytics & insights

Do you wish to gain useful insight from your website data? We have Google Analytics 4 and Adobe Analytics certified web analysts to help you make well-informed decisions. Our reliable staff is both well experienced and flexible. We truly believe in partnerships, starting from 1 day a week. But we can also cater to project means. And if new insights demand actions to be taken, we’ve got you covered too with developers, online marketers, marketing automation experts, and more.

How can we help you?

Maximize revenue/profits

Help me find the best way to spend my online marketing budget to maximize our revenue or profits within our online marketing budget.

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Improve customer service for less churn

Help me make data-driven decisions to improve our customer service and lower our churn. Or improve our retention rate.

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Lower our Customer Acquisition Costs

Help me find and forecast the best way to spend my online marketing budget to lower our Customer Acquisition Costs and maximize our Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

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Quick Scan Cookieless Future

Marketing and advertising are experiencing a major impact due to the definitive banning of the 3rd party cookie by Google Chrome and other browsers. If your website uses tools and plug-ins, it may contain more 3rd party cookies than you expect. Are you ready for the cookieless future?

Love for Data-driven Digital Experiences

We absolutely adore well crafted digital experiences. And strongly believe that data can help you create exciting and highly personalized experiences that that help your website visitors to turn into happy customers. We believe that customers should always be central to your digital strategy and we can help you to get to know them better through our love for data and technology.

Experience you can count on

IDA's certified web analists delivered over 25+ projects which warrants our in detail knowledge of both Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics 4. We will bring in the practice and skill to help you build a strong data foundation that you can trust for making data-driven decisions. And automated marketing processes.

Accredited expertise

Our team is renowned for its analytics and data expertise. It features certified Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics 4 experts that team up with our seasoned developers, online marketeers, and web designers whenever needed.