The new focus of CMOs: a shift to hyper-personalised marketing

The consumer market is becoming increasingly more demanding: your customers’ wants and needs can change in a heartbeat, and they expect you to anticipate them. This makes it difficult for your traditional marketing strategies to be impactful. Meanwhile, your competition adapts by switching to a data-based approach to better understand and connect with customers. All of this challenges a CMO to adjust their strategy. But how do you go about it? The answer lies in hyper-personalised marketing.

What points should modern-day CMOs focus on:

1: Communicate in a way that is consistent, relevant and personal

Due to the abundance of choice, your consumers have become selective and critical. They keep raising the bar of their expectations, forcing you to adapt. To meet these expectations and create sustainable consumer relationships, you need to place importance on your consumer experience: making sure that every interaction during your customers’ journey feels relevant and personal. If done right, this can lead to an omnichannel customer service, where communication is consistent and personalised across different channels. But to achieve all of this, you first need to have insight into the behavior and preferences of your core customers. This is knowledge you can gain by acquiring and analyzing enough data.

2: Invest in personalisation through AI

Every day, new businesses spring up with lower price points and better service. As a result, the marketing landscape has become crowded and competitive. With so many choices to pick from, it’s harder for your brand to get noticed. You could invest in digitalised marketing for your ads and communication, but the digital market is crowded as well, with big companies such as Google or Amazon. The real way to stand out and connect with buyers is by highly personalizing your content through the use of AI and client data. This AI-powered shift is not just forced by the competition, the changed behavior of consumers demands it as well.

3: Keep your core customers in mind

Nowadays, there are plenty of data technologies that allow you to combine the customer information you’ve gathered in a single and complete overview, a Customer Data Platform (CDP). With this software, you are able to construct a core customer profile, which you can use to tailor your marketing and communication to the specific needs of an individual client. The result is a deeper, more authentic engagement with consumers, and a higher chance of retaining old customers and attracting new ones.

4: Become personal and gain your customers’ support

By understanding the behavior of your customers, you can create highly-customized experiences and are able to choose the right channel and moment to make the most impact with your message. This way, your engagement with customers will be more meaningful. The benefits for your business are substantial: clients will trust the added value and importance of your product or service, which in turn will improve brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and overall marketing success.

Take a first step

Above points made clear that shifting your focus to hyper-personalisation is an essential, yet sometimes daunting task. Getting clear insight into the behavior and preferences of your core customers while using the right technology is quite a challenge. You can kick start this process by taking one step at a time. Why not start with reaching out to an experienced partner to have a personalised discussion?

How iDA can kick your marketing into higher gear

As a lifetime Adobe partner, iDA can help you implement the many useful solutions within the Adobe Experience Cloud, such as the Adobe Real-time CDP. This AI-powered solution allows you to gather customer data in real time and helps you instantly adjust your communication to it. That way, every new customer interaction will be more personalised than the previous one.