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Allianz is a known insurance company with a strong market position. In order to keep this position and cope with the rapid disruption that is taken place in every sector, Allianz created a business transformation unit within Allianz. The team challenges the company and sets up multiple digital projects in order to stay competitive.


In order to realize the strategic digital projects of the business transformation unit, Allianz took IDA on board as its technology partner.

To ensure fast and qualitative delivery of the projects, we set up an agile project team with Allianz. This team takes up all strategic and technical projects related to Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager.

Starting with a request from business, such as a digital car insurance enrollment, we assess the customer journey and put the infrastructure in place in a co-creational mode.

Projects range from setting up complex mail and web campaigns to integrating data and tools.


We are succeeding in delivering multiple projects and business cases on time and within budget. Some projects include:

  • Digital car insurance enrollment
  • Employee benefit portal
  • Customer self-service portal
  • Marketing automation migration
The pace of digital transformation and innovation is a great achievement and success for Allianz this year. Our partnership is ongoing and we are looking forward to support Allianz in its upcoming projects.

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