Technische Unie


In the highly competitive technical wholesale market it’s a ‘must have’ to provide added value. Technische Unie (TU) has a long-time reputation for being a knowledgeable supplier. Apart from selling products, TU offers installers a vast variety of easily accessible knowledge in the form of apps, support over the phone and online content like blogs, industry and product news and the ability to book relevant training online. A state-of-the-art content delivery platform is required to keep up with modern demands on all these areas.


Customer research was conducted to find out the needs of today’s installer. Based on this feedback a new strategy and UX design were carved out for the platform.

On top of Adobe Experience Manager IDA implemented a set of flexible and reusable templates and components allowing TU to create a variety of rich and appealing content. Apart from text, images and other static elements, embedding video is also supported. All pages are fully responsive, allowing them to be viewed on any device, anywhere. And special attention was given to SEO and fast page loading speeds. With the click of a button authors can publish new content on the platform and make it available for the world to see.

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With a very low time to market and high ease of use, TU can add new content to the platform continuously. The content itself is a better fit to the needs of the installer. And more appealing to the younger generation that grew up in the digital world and searches online for inspiration and answers to questions. The on- and offline worlds are brought closer together by featuring showrooms more prominent on the site, emphasizing to visitors they can go there and view products in real life and try them out. The platform allows TU to be highly competitive in the digital market in the years to come.