Digital Made Human

In a digital era, IDA likes to keep things personal. This is what Digital made Human is all about. People play the lead role in our philosophy.

We are convinced that great solutions provide great potential, however, without the help of great people your solutions will never reach their full capacity.


As technology is continuously evolving, we invest heavily in our team members so they can stay true champions in the field of digital.

Your digital ecosystem requires the help of cross-functional heroes, as one-trick ponies will no longer get the job done.

At IDA, we have what it takes to complete your project end-to-end. To envision, build and deliver the optimal solution, we look at your project from multiple angles.


Expert skills alone are not enough to tackle complex business cases. Every business has its own challenges, and every challenge has its own solution.

That's why our trust in people is not bounded to our own team! We embrace the concept of co-creation to succeed together with our customers.

As a result, we are adepts of the concept of co-creation. A solid partnership between parties leads to better and widely supported digital change.


By co-creating with our customers, we become partners that pursue the same goals and objectives. Both teams trusting each other to go the extra mile and deliver staggering digital experiences. Obstacles are removed shoulder-to-shoulder, successes are celebrated together.

This success transcends the business objective and is defined by relationships that last long after your project is done. Teams that are connected through their deep knowledge of the digital solution they delivered. Teams that take great pride in their common achievements.

Local presence

To be able to build such strong relationships we think having a physical presence on-site is a key factor when it comes to efficient and clear communication. From experience we know that having our local experts working on complex solutions together with your domain experts, is a huge factor for project success.

For the people, by the people

Our local expertise combined with a deeper understanding of the market results into a more personal conversation with your target audience. With our expert and local team, we are able to provide relevant experiences for people, by the people. Digital made human, the way it should be.

Customer Centric

By creating a solid partnership with our clients, we get a good insight in what the end-client wants and needs. Customer centricity is always on our mind, as we strive to envision and create the ultimate user experiences.

Pro-active approach

Long story short: it's better to jump on the train of change, and you better jump on it fast. Don't let technical debt and poor choices of the past define your future. We believe that tackling your needs head-on will give you a head-start, don't wait for your needs to become your problems.

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