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Initially we started at Signify as implementation partner for running businesses for all brands, both B2B and B2C.

Our goal within Philips Hue (one of Signify's brands) was to assist, guide and implement an up-to-standards Content Management System. They had to change into an easier operatable Content Management System supported by the newest features Adobe provided in Adobe Experience Manager.

Next to improving authoring feasibilty, we enabled Adobe Experience Manager to support more channels than only web. AEM was enabled for authoring personalised experiences and for setting up e-mail campaigns.

Our second goal using a multi-disciplinary team was to onboard a new brand onto the Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe's solution for real-time, cross-channel personalisation.

The overall project goal is to improve the Customer Experience and improve the customer journey on all channels and support all brands.


Signify uses Adobe Experience Manager to build their websites. The stack grew over 10 years and brought a lot of flexibility, the tool however was not easy to work with. Funny enough, We might say it provided too much flexibility, slowing down the time to market on created content.

We helped the Signify business users to select an approach to realise the vision of an improved and personalized Digital platform.

We inspired them on the features the Adobe Experience Cloud offers.

In order to succeed, we had to start from a clean slate and rebuild the website together with all components.

We consciously chose to go for a new set-up instead of slowly migrating everything, which would take much longer.

We solutioned the new platform and took care of the implementation and realisation from the start till go-live.

Also, we supported the business and authoring community with our knowledge on best-practises in CMS and DXP, making sure they operate in the most efficient way.

Signify was doing e-commerce already, but we integrated with Magento to enable the best in-class shopping experience by using a headless integration.

Once the Content Management System with improved shopping experiences was up and running, we started integrating with other Adobe Experience Cloud tools to maximise the Customer Experience and discover the possibilities of Personalization.

  • Adobe Experience Manager for content creation across all channels (web, app, e-mail)
  • Adobe Analytics for online analytics
  • Adobe Target for A/B testing and personalization
  • Adobe Campaign for Marketing Automation sending personalised marketing emails and operation emails
  • Adobe Experience Manager to build a 360° customer profile, omni-channel centralized segmentation, Real-time Customer Journey orchestration
  • Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento) as eCommerce platform


With two dedicated scrum teams at the moment, we have supported Philips Hue in the development of their digital strategy and supporting them with making their goals a reality. To be able to support the goals of the digital strategy team at Philips Hue, we proposed the development of an entirely new AEM environment enabling Philips Hue to work much faster than how they were working before.

The agile way of working provides new features every 2 weeks, which is presented to the business. We receive very positive reactions about the result and built out a trust relationship with signify which allows us to advice on best-practices conform the industry standards, but still keeping the customers situation in mind.

Of all Signify brands, Philips Hue started this journey and is currently live with 31 languages, 44 countries, whereof 13 countries are e-commerce sites.

Other brands are (and will be) onboarded onto this new way of working as the benefits are very tempting. The multi-brand set-up combined with a multi-brand design system, allows Signify to onboard new brands onto this new platform easily.

Authoring effiency went up drastically because of content re-use and the system is much easier to author. The page creation speed is improved with 80%. Rolling out pages from a global level to all countries is also available now, which recuded the time of managing the same site 44 times, to 1 time with some customizations.

Enabling e-commerce to more countries or other brands is just a setting and is very easy.

For Developers, we introduced a modern front-end stack and a design system. This helps to keep a clean code base that is manageable and extendable. We brought down the complexity, which allows to onboard new resources faster. At IDA, we deliver platforms with the future in mind.

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