Creating digital experiences that excite your customers across multiple channels is not an easy chore. To keep pace with today's customer needs and drive your business forward you need solutions that are built and battle-tested for the job.

With the help of the Adobe Experience Cloud, IDA can provide solutions that help you engage with your customers in real time without making any compromise.

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AEM Sites

We enable your marketeers from a business perspective to create and manage your content and distribute it across all channels in a consistent and intuitive way using Adobe Experience Manager Sites. By using a user friendly component library in combination with a powerful design system, we ensure a fast time to market for new websites and content. Therefore creating the opportunity to focus on building engaging digital experiences.

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AEM Forms/Adobe Sign

We help you automate your business processes using Adobe Experience Manager Forms. We provide the necessary tools to quickly create and distribute web forms that will enable your customers to experience an amazing digital enrollment and onboarding journey.

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AEM Assets

Organizing your digital assets and delivering them across all relevant customer touchpoint can be a real challenge. We use the DAM solution Adobe Experience Manager Assets to capture, maintain, enrich and publish all available digital assets; ensuring smoother workflows and processes to guarantee the right asset will create the intended digital experience.

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Align marketing and sales by using Marketo to capture and nurture leads early in the process and use lead scoring to correctly time your sales efforts. Communicate with your leads through their customer journey by delivering engaging and personalized experiences.

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Communicating to your customers in a relevant and personalized way is essential. We can help you to use Adobe Campaign to build customer profiles based on the available data and orchestrate omnichannel campaigns that engage your customers.

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Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics allows you to collect data from all your touchpoints and enables you to generate valuable insights that will directly impact your business. We help you to organise and structure all available data into clear reports and dashboards. These reports will enable your organization to continuously optimze and personalize your digital experiences.

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Adobe Target

Our Adobe Target expert can help you to personalize your customer journey across all relevant touchpoints for your organization.

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Adobe Audience Manager

By combining online- and offline data we use Adobe Audience Manager to create smart customer segments which can be used for enhanced personalization or distribution to 3th party systems in order to optimize your marketing efforts and personalize your content.

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Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce offers a solution for all your commerce driven experiences be it B2C or B2B by giving you the tools to manage your customers shopping experiences from start to finish.

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Adobe Experience Platform (AEP)

AEP consists of three applications: Adobe Real-Time CDP, Adobe Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Journey optimiser. The solution assembles known and unknown data to engage in real time with your customers throughout their unique customer journey.

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