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The goal of the web re-platforming project was to replace the old website systems that had difficulty to scale during peak moments. The new platform had to be build to enable growth and increase scalability.

Next to a technical rebuilt, the platform also had to improve the content creation process, build a 360 degree customer profile and combine both to personalize the omni-channel experience.

Integration with the in-store POS system allowing for real-time purchase info sharing and paperless tickets to be forwarded to the customer's smartphone as part of the customer's purchase experience. Supporting the company's expansion strategy enabling new websites to be setup within days rather then months.


A micro-services layer was created to support the e-commerce functionalities of the website and to decouple the website and warehouse systems. The micro-services are cloud hosted and were scaled up when additional websites went live.

Adobe Experience Manager was chosen as the content management solution and set up with multiple brand specific blueprints that could be rolled out to country specific websites. All components and functionality are created to be used by all brands and can be toggled on or off when required.

Every website can be configured to use the correct language, currency,... The omnichannel integration also included integrations between the point of sales systems in the stores and Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager, to create a truly 360 degree view of the customer.

  • Adobe AEM Sites for all websites
  • Adobe Analytics for online and offline analytics
  • Adobe Target for A/B testing and personalisation
  • Adobe Campaign for Marketing Automation sending personalised marketing emails and operational emails
  • Adobe Audience Manager for centralized segmentation


The result is a website platform linked to a scalable microservice platform that contains 16 public facing e-commerce websites and 8 in-store websites (which are displayed on in-store kiosks).

On-boarding a new website on the platform can happen in a matter of days and mainly requires applying the branding to the existing component set.

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